• The lucky bastard who will be trying to pickup the hottest girl in a group. Always accompanied by a [wingman] or two who are designated to engage the hot chick's ugly/bitchy/annoying friend(s).

  • someone who dictates among the rest, even tho they are all equal.

  • A [mixed drink] consisting of four shots of whiskey (commonly [Pendleton]) and four shots of [Peach Schnapps]; essentially eight pillow biters in the same glass.

  • The one and only, the Official.

    can be exaggerated by using the term HIGH COMMAND

    will give you free stuff as long as you give him free stuf.

    also, somehow relates to [matt castle]. he also is a commander

  • The name of a person or thing that thinks of himself highly as royalty and that he or she is always right, and rambles on and on about the same things. Some one who can only think or see anyone of the opposite sex, which inhibits them from furthering on in their life. One who fails at school.

  • My homosexual nightmare while I was in the army. My commander fucked me 12 times in the ass and twice in the eye once he found out is was fake!!!


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