• Old nic-name for a New Yorker. Comes from the days when it was New Amsterdam and the ruling Dutch wore knickers for pants. Since these were so commonly seen on the streets there, the name was then applied to the residents. Source of New York Knicks basketball team name as well.

  • Someone who acts and looks dorky, but is incredibly sexy.

  • oldschool way of saying pants.

  • A total cheapskate, especially when it comes to making sure to use every possible coupon and special offer--from our Dutch heritage and longtime association with Scots (Presbyterian) churches.

    Washington Irving used our name in his satirical writings and played on the stereotype of cheapness, but ironically it wound up being turned right around into a sort of icon of upper-crust New York society! Dont be fooled by Ward McAllisters Four Hundred; a true Knickerbocker would never waste the bucks on the attire required to enter Mrs. Astors ballroom.

  • When two people 69, but tongue each others booty holes instead.

  • When a woman takes a mans testicles, places them in her cleavage, and then proceeds to slap her tits together creating a knickerbocker.

  • banging; a useful word; another way to say pants(refer to the definition of pants)

  • A guy who pretends to have feeling towards females, to cover up the sexual feelings he has towards men.

  • An immature move requiring someone to fart into a plastic bottle, cap it, and open and squeeze the plastic bottle to blow fart contents into anothers face.

  • Loose-fitting breeches gathered at the knee or calf.


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