• A lady killer... he literally kills ladies.

  • A sweet amazing guy who I wish would notice me. He is sucha hottie,sweet,smart,athletic, and me and him have had a lot of special moments. He just needs to see whats right in front of him.

  • A retarded English kid

  • a person who so plain and uninteresting, so mind blowingly boring, that it makes one want to incorporate their name into songs whenever you happen to be singing.

  • short for HAL 9000, the killer computer from 2001: A Space Odyssey.

  • The [HAL-9000] [computer], guardian of the [spacecraft Discovery] in the [novel]s and [film]s of [2001: A Space Odyssey] and its sequel, [2010]. First activated at the HAL plant in Urbana, [Illinois] on [January] 12, 1997 (or 1992 in the film version). HAL is short for [Heuristic] [ALgorithmic], and not derived by moving one letter back from the initials of [IBM], as some have suggested. HALs apparently [psychotic] behaviour in 2001 is revealed in the novel, and in either version of 2010, to have been a result of a [neurosis] arising from conflicts between his programming to accurately [input], [analyse] and [output] [information], and the demands of [national security] mandated by the [Pentagon].

    Any troublesome, wary or otherwise bloody-mindedly unhelpful computer.

  • yer....met through frends of frends....and now i think i love him-hes so sweet...

  • one who absolutely dominates, usually in a charming and sexy way.

  • 1- one who is really l33t in a non nerdy way and has bands of devoted followers.

    2- one who owns you (in a non-gay way)


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