• Somebody who ensures the day-to-day running of something, be it a system, a business, etc.

    Online, they run everything from servers to websites, forums, chatrooms, etc.

    They are charged with the responsibility of keeping everything running and in order. As such, they have powers well above and beyond those of regular users

  • The person who is the man and the woman of the [forum] or site. They can do anything, use the [ban hammer] on members if necessary, is a global moderator, and even edit user profiles, and much, much more. Sometimes, with money, you can do a lot of other things, like buy to turn off ads, etc.

  • A person of high power in an educator position who finds pleasure in suspending young students for doing absolutely nothing and completing their homework.

  • This is a term for a homesexual relationship. Prior to [anal sex] this person is responsible for getting the anus prepared for the act itself. He may do things such as [douche] the anal cavity, [enema] the anus, apply but plugs and lube, etc. to said sexual partner


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