• To wait. Anchoring - waiting.

  • The last person to go during a relay.
    The strongest or fastest competetor on the team, meant to pick up the slack at the last second.

  • A person or feeling one uses to keep his or herself grounded or in a calm state when things are not well.

  • A large, heavy object dropped from a ship to prevent it from floating away. However, using anchors in the way they are intended to be used is just plain boring. Anchors are much more entertaining if they are dropped from the sky onto the head of someone you hate or generally dislike. In this sense, anchors are closely related to [anvil]s and 16-ton weights. Though less common than its relatives, the anchor is favored by sadists for its broad, dull blade, which creates a spectacle that is generally much more gory than its broad-bottomed alternatives, which are known for creating simple splats or accordion effects.

  • The sexual act of placing both hands flat together and inserting them into a vagina. Once inside, you form both of your hands into fists, therefore “anchoring” the woman. Once she is anchored, she cannot go anywhere unless your fists direct her to. She is at your total control.

  • The final person on a team to flip in any given round of [flip cup]. The anchor is often a clutch position where the player must make up for the team's slack. Other times the anchor has enough time to show off with a flip under the leg or behind the back, or the always impressive one and a half.

  • An anchor is usually– but not exclusively– that super awkward guy that nobody likes or that fugly two-ton birth-defect of a grenade with an obnoxious personality, who try to “tag on.” The anchor makes it impossible to get in anywhere and frequently misses the hint that he/she/it is not welcome.

    The bro version of an anchor is the guy who throws off the girl/guy ratio just enough to keep you from getting into frats. His laugh is choppy, piercing, and poorly timed. Hey douche, go wack off to anime. Guys if you're reading this and can't relate, you're it. Sorry.

    There are several types of women anchors. First, the typical grenade. Fucked up hair, corn teeth, like a character from The Hills Have Eyes, ya dig? Second is the girl who is slightly too ugly to fuck who takes 4 hours getting ready and then cockblocks you the entire night. Third is the clingy alcoholic twig who blacks out after 3 shots. Consequently your night is ruined, especially after she ralphs on your Ralph Lauren jeans. Always an easy fuck, never a good decision. Gross.

    Anchors are constantly holding you down. They always seem to be leaving the building simultaneously, are never a contributing factor toward your fun, and would shrivel up and die if ripped from the leach-like grasp they've sank into your nuts for social-life-support. In any anchor situation, you want to treat them like an actual anchor– by tying a rope around their neck and throwing them off the side of a boat.

  • A female so obese, she could easily anchor a cruise liner.

  • When your poop has so much iron in it that when you get up and look at it, it already slid all the way down the toilet.