• The 'dregs' is the usually known as the beer at the bottom of a can or bottle. Often tastes more watery/less frothy than the rest of the beer.

  • Although it most commonly refers to the beer at the tail-end of a beer, it can also refer to someones leftovers, or sloppy seconds. This also applies to sexual sloppy-seconds by which it refers to someone that the subject has already had sexual intercourse with.

    1. A rare, unique slang meaning the worst part(s) or dirty/grimey.
    2. [Fuck].

    The words original origin comes from wine brewers. Dregs or lees were the words applied to the wine residue during the aging process. Dregs also comes from the grammatical base of the word dark.

  • Leftover dense material. Used to describe industrial [sludge]. Another informal usage refers to the last few centimetres of coffee at the bottom of the pot.

  • The reusable residue left after cooking an opiate for the purpose of injection.

  • Somtimes referred to as a hangover, or many days not taking a bath and you look like skidrow, or a bad hair day.