• Broadly defined, the word refers to originating in a certain place or region; one born in or connected with a place by birth.

    It is commonly used in English-speaking North America (Canada and the US) to refer to people of indigenous/American [Indian]/[Native American]/[First Nation] descent, though its use has to be highly contextualized if making such a reference.

  • A brown person to be scared of.

  • The First Peoples of North America who have got there land raped by the white man and their women stolen. There future has been taken by the white society so most of them are tricked into drugs, in return the whiteman has agreed they don't have to pay taxes because they have already stole the future.

  • belonging to a particular place by birth

  • Forgotten people of America and Australia.

  • A person who is sanctimonious asshole about how long they've lived in a place, considering themselves to be native, despite the fact they they have no ties to First Nation people.

  • related to the native tribes of North America by blood or by outdoor activities. Referred to as chief after such activitiesare performed.

  • The extreme of untamed pubes.

  • a spliff or joint containing sage; sage and cannabis rolled, sometimes with other herbs

    originated west coast

  • One who thinks that their land is raped and their women are stolen, and not the other way around. One can see how a native could easily mix these up, I slur a lot when I am drunk too.