• Any unsupervised and un-tethered object left in plain view.

  • Anything with a hidden or obvious fee.

    1. Any product or services given without charge.
    2. (gaming) The ability to do something without fear of retribution.
    3. (gaming) The ability of one character/weapon/strategy to destroy the opposition.
    4. An easy win.

  • Adj; In the online video gaming community especially within the fighting game genre, free is a word used to describe an opponent who is a very easy win, or who does not play skillfully.

  • Something available for everyone which is paid for by someone else. Feels best when obtained via the [subterfuge] of one's political allies, and is usually accompanied by [schadenfreude].

  • A favorite theme word of online and television advertisements. The basic idea in these ads is to flash the word FREE infront of your face, in the boldest and largest letters possible. Just to lure you into a hidden cost. The amazing part of this, is that many people actually fall for it.

  • A vague word used to describe any sort of liberty.

  • Often used by kids from urban areas, a 'free' is used to describe an apartment or house that isn't under parent supervision. This means that the owner of the home will attempt to throw a [dope] party. However, frees often turn into [sausage fests], or get found out by local authorities.

  • How [chavs] and [southerners] tend to pronounce three of something.