• Another word for [cock], [dick], or [penis].

  • Gun, 9mm (used in New York City)

  • Simply put, an attractive girl can be referred to as a hammer. If the aforementioned female is unbelieveably attractive, she can be called a jackhammer or sledgehammer, accordingly. A place where several hammers coexist can be refered to as Hammer City, or Hammerville, USA.

    1. Noun; A present tense word uncommonly used to describe the act of binge drinking. More commonly used as Hammered

    2. Noun; A word shouted to call upon Mjolnir, Thors hammer.

    Used during times of distress and discomfort.

    Subsequently, if shouted by a person who is righteous, a hammer will fly towards your open hand allowing you to lay the smack down and smite everything around you.

  • A tool generally used in construction.


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