• Oneida is a small city in New York. Every walk of life lives here. Many people on the north side are burnouts, prostitutes and scumbags. The normal and classier people live on the South and West side of Oneida. The Oneida Heights is where doctors, teachers, foreigners, and people with loads of inherited money live. Everything is within walking distance. There are few things to do in Oneida; movies, shop in select stores and eat in the menagerie of fast food joints on Route 5. Oneida Silversmiths produced all silverware and china. Received it's name from the Oneida Indian Tribe. Near the Turning Stone Casino. John Humphrey Noyes created the utopia called the Oneida Community.

  • a lil bitch in 4th period who cant stop being a ho

    1. Brand of silverware.
    2. Small town in Tn where the only thing to do is go to Walmart.

  • A Mexican hoe, who thinks shes white. A former gangster who now hangs out with hookers for fun. An easy way to find her is stick your dick through a glory hole!


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