• Goddamn, used in Great Britain

  • Archaic swearword originating in England, originating from the even more archaic phrase 'By God's blood', but nobody really knows that or cares. DOESN'T mean 'fucking' you screwheads.. We use that word too!

  • Slang term in the UK, Australia and some other Commonwealth countries. Very, very common. Is NOT the alternative to fucking because it is more in the range of offense to damn.

    Used before a word to make it more angry, appealing, exaggerative, etc.

  • very mild swearword used mainly in Uk but also very common (I am told) in Austrailia. Can be used before or in the middle of words/phrases to emphasize meaning - be it good, sarcastic or bad. It really does sound silly when americans say it - think about it, it's the equivalent to a brit saying 'mall' or '[nimrod]' It's just not right. try saying some of these in an american accent for amusment (really no offence look at brit's saying sidewalk and math - equally amusing!).

  • a very mild swear word with multiple meanings. adds emphasis to basically anything you want it to, most often put before words, or in the middle of them. also often means annoying. has absolutly NO effect when said by americans.

  • When utilized as an adjective, shows distress regarding subject that follows. Often used by individuals with early English upbringings or influenced by the Brits in town. This word has been used frequently especially by those who are frustrated about something but do not desire to curse using words such as the f-word or other profanities.

  • I. Covered in, relating to or of blood.
    II. A very naughty swearword, according to small children.

    1. Related to Blood
    2. Covered in Blood
    3. A word that [Brits] use in every sentence.

  • A blasphemous [curse] used by the English and Australians, primarily. It is an old contraction of the phrase by

  • A phrase used by the British, to portray anger or sudden shock. It can also be used to emphasise words.

  • Has nothing to do with by gods blood, its simply rooted in the German blöd which means stupid/silly