• Not a [cat].

    Gotta love Blackadder.

  • Man's best friend, next to [TV].

  • a guy who hits and runs, as in he tells girls what they wanna hear to get in their panties and as soon as he gets the pussy, he's gone. unable to commit to one woman. DOG.

    1. Any four-legged, pack hunting, carnivorous animal of the genus Canis. Yes, I consider a wolf to be a dog, because the common house Dog, Canis Familiaris or Canis Domesticus is a bred-down version of Canis Lupus, the modern wolf. Makes a good pet, as they are intelligent, curious, and as I have earlier stated, a pack animal, and therefore easily suited to life with a family of many people, or fewer.

    2. What you call a close buddy.

  • human best friend! we must learn how to be sincere from the dog.

  • n. friend of the same sex, usually male. Derived from the members of the Dogg Pound. pl.: dogs

  • needy and lazy and fat and whiney
    but we love them to death anyway
    dont hurt them, they have feelings too
    play with them everyday and and give all your love to them and they will love you unconditionally back

  • A four legged creature that loves to sniff butts, hump legs and roll in the nastiest stuff possible. Most are dumb as shit but extremely loyal and protective to people they like.

  • One ugly girl or man. Usually, in a case of a dog you would stay away from it.


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