• To bind or braid up, as the hair, with a snood. [Scot.]

  • A guy who had the chance to hook up with a girl twice, but fails.

    1. A game created by Dave Dobson. The object of the game is to free all the snoods by hooking together three or more snoods of the same kind.

    2. A band for the hair of a woman

    3. An insult that typically has no meaning. Since the word is an insult, it is usually used in a negative context.

  • a scarf like object, in a circle shape you place over your head. often shared between ron and hampst

  • A guy with a tiny cock, struggles getting a girlfriend: scares them off all the time, and is a general [asshole].. to put it simply. The term however can be used very generally, and applied to any situation, or person.

  • a combination of snob and rude

  • A stupid game created by Dave (who's trying to feed his fucking kids, because he's too poor, apparently, to afford to clothe them properly) which will eventually take over the world, but which is now only succeeding in flunking out every college student in America. It is also more addictive than pot.

  • the female version of a gooch(the part between your balls and your ass crack).in this case the part between the gee and ass crack

  • Prissy/ angry little girl when hungry.

  • A term used to describe an individual who is generally; annoying, unlikeable or simply gay. Can be used in any context in a conversation.


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