• Partnership; as to go in cahoot with a person. [Slang,southwestern U. S.] Bartlett.

  • Aussie term for organising an illeagle act

  • Being incredibly and inexplicably happy with no means of explanation for being that happy.

  • the act of sabotaging against another without that person being able to see it even though it is clearly in front of them...

    originated from owls which are very cleverly disguised like trees so people wandering through a forest cannot tell where the ominous hooting is from, even though the owl is obviously on the branch right in front of them...

  • When a girl Queefs in a guys ear, making the guy moan Cahoot! Or when a guy gives a girl the Red Rooster diesase making the girl really aroused, and makes love to him. Afer the romance occurs, the guy pulls out a gun and kills her.