• To fight slightly or in small parties; to engage in a skirmishor skirmishes; to act as skirmishers.

  • Small fight or quick one.

  • A gathering or social occasion, particularly a night out with friends with an unwritten agreement that the scope of the occasion’s festivities will be limited thereby leaving the participants able to function with a reasonable amount of alacrity in the morning. Mostly commonly used for midweek drinking and people’s whose lifestyle involves constant weekly partying.

  • The art of tickling a males balls or gooch.

  • Skirmishing is a good natured game of getting fucked up out of your mind using items like Axe Choclate and Listerine spray. WARNING: This shit might kill you... (This is Insane shit)

    1. Spray a plentiful amount of AXE Dark Temptations or AXE Chocolate as it is otherwise known as, into one region of your shirt and then sniff it out of your shirt untill your nostrils start burning like the Devils Cock in Death Valley.

    2. Once your mildly high start running around the room saying things like Im walking on sunshine or Woah, Whales are swimming on the fucking rainbow.

    3. Once you do step #2 for a minute or two one of your semi-high friends will be convinced that spraying a shitload of putrid tasting listerine pocket mist down your fucking throught and into your eyeballs, possibly damaging your cornia, will rid you of the highness, Fortunatley this just makes you even more high.

    4. After semi-high particepent douses your eyes and throught with an ass load of listerine both of your Skirmish Buddies will beat the fucking shit out of you with hard ass pillows until your ass is covered in scars and your penis has folded inside out. by the end of this sequence you will be high as shit. This can get you so high it can kill you.

  • The most beneficial team building sport for SSC operations staff.


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