• A weight by which lead and some other metals were formerlysold, in England, varying from 19 [Obs.]

  • One who's sole existence is to absorb projectiles

  • A person treated like a tool meant to die.

  • Food. Grub. Chow. Cuisine. Edibles. Nosh. Nourishment.

  • from what i understand, fodder is the term used in pokemon trading communities for useless pokemon caught solely for the purpose of trade for a more valuable pokemon, usually a bidoof.

  • or Bantha Fodder. Used to express something foul, as derived from the Star Wars sense.
    Also, bullshit!; something that is no good, a load of crap or a sketchy place/situation.
    An expression.

  • corn meal for livestock

  • a)The concept of dowding the lily in a lyrical format.


    b)A Generic nightmare scenario.


    c)A person less desirable than the recognised national average of personalised wellness.

  • Getting a persons name while editing urban dictionary.
    Pressing [Don't publish] for obvious words that don't belong here.

    See also:

  • Literal meaning is livestock feed consisting of large and whole pieces of plants such as but not exclusively hay and corn. In popular culture it has taken the meaning of being an easy target, easy prey or just expendable mostly in reference to military actions. Enemy

  • This orginated from the Newlands Park Kavos Tour 04, in which Mark 'Bertwhistle' Smith, would pull some hideous looking creatures!
    He was told he seems to get with rather over weight and strange looking women, normally refered to as whales! Icepole then spoke of Whales feast on to keep healthy (he knows lots of random rubbish)a food chain called FODDER! Hense Mark 'Bertwhistle' Smith is refered to as the fodder hunter, is search of emense Whales, that would gladdly take a bite of him!

    Fodder: overweight women, with not much going for them!

  • Food, especially dried hay or straw, for cattle and other livestock.

  • Father in Newfoundland, Yiddish, and some Irish tongues.
    Variants: fadder, fadduh
    Pronounced fod as in sod ending in uh as in uh I dont know


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