• A plant of the Pink family (Cucubalus bacciferus), bearingberries regarded as poisonous. Bladder campion, a plant of the Pinkfamily (Cucubalus Behen or Silene inflata), having a much inflatedcalyx. See Behen.-- Rose campion, a garden plant (Lychnis coronaria) with handsomecrimsome crimson flowers.

  • A champion at camping. Thrives during the summer months.

  • One that is used by other, has a decent sized house with much liquor that is stolen by her supposed friends. Likes to go to dances but doesn't get any action, too stuck up for most.

  • To the ulitmate loser. Someone who is not admired. Similiar to [Wuss].

    The opposite to [Champion]. Without the H which represents the Hero status.

  • a nhc member of the cha cha cakejuice type in which cotch is not a limited trademark.