• A thin bed of coal mixed with pyrites or carbonate of lime.

  • Derogatory term for a spoilt person. Originally applied to small children and John MacEnroe.

    1. a child, usually a obnoxious or troublesome one

    2. a bratwurst

  • Within the BDSM lifestyle, the term brat is usually applied to a person of a submissive nature who acts up or causes trouble in order to attract attention. This is generally frowned upon as it is classed as topping from the bottom and trying to control the situation.

  • A person that annoys, to the point of exhaustion just to get what they want

  • 1.A really annoying person.
    2.A person that is spoiled rotten.
    3.An annoying child that wants something that no one will get for him/her.

  • short for born raised and transferred applies to kids whose parent(s) are / were in one of the armed services (army, navy, air force). Due to the fact that servicemen/servicewomen rarely stayed at one base for more than two or three years at a time before being re-assigned to another... sort of like a peace time tour of duty kids referred to themsleves as brats. also known as a [service brat]

  • A maggoty, spoiled, lil bastard who does nothing but whine and bitch a terribly lot, annoying you out of your mind. (usually referred to as little sister or baby brother)

  • Someone who deserves a good smack on the butt. Most of the time your girlfriend.

  • A type of bdsm label, in which a sub (in most cases) enjoys misbehaving to the (dom,caregiver, ect.) for attention and punishments.


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