• A vessel to carry liquid metal from the furnace to the mold.

  • A bowl of marijuana. Slang from deep within the most elite circles in the community of Isla Vista, California. Original credit goes to Ladle Master a.k.a. Ladles McGee.

  • another word for a marijuana pipe, which is also commonly known as a bowl. In reality a bowl looks more like a ladle than a bowl as it has a handle.

  • Verb. The act of planting your right leg and then stepping forward with your left foot and enter an almost crouching stance. Then pull your body to your left foot, standing straight up, and drag your right foot across the ground.

  • When a fat girl is trying to be the big spoon when spooning and you get completely sucked in by her fat that is wrapped around you

  • noun: The dominant spoon in a spooning threesome

  • A serving spoon created in 1822 in sweden by Hendrich Ladle who wanted to create an alternative serving appliance to the one used at the time - a portable lip placed on buckets and large pots. Named after the creator of the object.

  • A variation of cuddling similar to spooning, ladle-ing occurs when one participant exceeds 6'2 thus making the spoon a ladle.

  • a ladle is a precious tool givin to us by a superier being, who no one knows the name of, he is only known as... the ladle God. if you have no religion then look no farther, you shall become a ladlsion. worship the creater of a holy tool, the gigantic spoon, of gods, that makes serving soup and stew fairly easy and fun!

  • holds soup; another word for tits

  • A large long-handled spoon with a cup-shaped bowl, used for serving soup or sauce.


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