• The organ formed by the combination or union into one body ofstem and leaf, and often bearing the fructification; as, the frond ofa fern or of a lichen or seaweed; also, the peculiar leaf of a palmtree.

  • Slang for friend, used in the context of a special friend.

  • The past tense of friend.

  • A decorative border of fig leaves; a leaf shaped somewhat like a narrow phallus, as of a seaweed or lichen; personal regalia often used as camouflage by US Marines in hot climates in World War II, but not presently being recommended in the US Armed Services for wear as camouflage or other bodily ornament, for those unfortunates currently serving in an urban jungle of forgotten dreams, or other built up areas or ethnic urban ghettos, either in the States or elsewhere.

  • A cuter, more child friendly name for the female genitalia.


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