• To jolt; to shake, especially by rough riding or by drivingover obstructions.

  • A versatile term coming from [A Separate Peace], a homoerotic book literally defined as the action of pushing one another out of a tree.

    Jounce can also be used as a generic expression of disapproval/rejection, or to mean breaking a commitment.

  • To jump and stand your heels, and then skip back and lean on one leg. A form of the east coast dance, the [Jerk].

  • The fifth derivative of a function.

  • To bounce on a trampoline then jump of it, landing on someone, fracturing as many bones as you can in your body or the targeted.

  • Jounce means to have sex with..
    or can mean you didnt wanna rush her into sex.

    I didnt wanna jounce here.

  • The act of jouncing is a spiritual,physical, and emotional way of life. Once you learn how to jounce, no further actions to complete your life mission is necessary. Jouncing is the fullfilment of true life dreams. Once you give over to the almighty jounce king your soul transcends continental boundaries and to the life of jounce. What makes the jounce so special is not only is it compatible in every situation you encounter, its a way if life.

    Yeah bro I jounced the vag like a muhfucka
    I going to pick up a handle of Jameson in the jounce bro
    Yo bro wanna jounce?
    Pack that bowl with that fire jounce
    Bro Im so jounced

    These are just few simple Applications of how jounce can be applied in any life scenario.
    Thanks and jounce till the end-


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