• To follow with violence and trampling. [R.] The Puritan (1607).

  • When your entire reason of existing is a certain thing, you are ____ trash. More obsessed than a fan, but not a [stan].

  • a term for a person who is dirty and stupid. often the same as whitetrash, but any race can be trash

  • Something to be used and discarded. An object that is treated such as trash. Junk, crap, shit. Basically anything that is worth nothing.

  • Nash Grier
    A boy who is racist, homophobic and horrid to his followers on social media.

  • Useless rubbish that the entrepreneur regards as useful resources to generate cash—refusing to recycle the rubbish is throwing hidden money away.

  • To beat someone in a game or competition, completely destroying, owning, or shutting them out.

  • New York's hottest club is TRASH. This meat packing hot spot includes Pierre, the Muslim Elvis impersonator; clones; freaks; sneezing; a Russian man on a prepaid cell phone; and there's no password! All you have to do is do the Cosby

  • Ke

  • Describing a person who is utter and complete filth who is not hot, wealthy, sexual, as into you, or as amazing than you wish. This person often treats you like trash and therefore they are flaunting their trash onto others. They may smell, sleep with others, or just not be all you worked them up to be. Have a back-up plan if you plan on meeting trash out on the town, like needing to go eat a hot dog!

    In case they are too much to handle and you can't stand any aspect of them you may refer to the person as Ttttt-RRRRrrrr-AAaaaAAAAAaaaAAAaaaAA-SSSSSsssss-HHHhhhh!! While changing the tone of your voice continuously.

  • Rubbish, unwanted waste, Nash Grier, Magcon, unnecessary items, no longer wanted waste

  • When you delete a file or folder on a Macintosh computer, it is stored in the Trash. In early versions of the Mac OS, the Trash was located on the desktop, but in Mac OS X, it is found in the Dock. The Trash icon is an empty trash bin when the Trash is empty and changes to a full trash bin when there are items in the Trash.

    The Trash serves the same purpose as the Windows Recycle Bin. Items can be moved to the Trash by selecting them and dragging them to the Trash icon. You can also choose Move to Trash from the Finders File menu or press Command-Delete after selecting one or more items. You may view items in the Trash by clicking the Trash icon in the Dock. Since the items stored in the Trash have not been permanently deleted, you can drag items out of the Trash if you wish to keep them.

    Emptying the Trash

    If you are sure you want to permanently delete the items in the Trash, you can press the Empty button in the Trash window or right-click anywhere within the window and select Empty Trash. You can also empty the trash without even opening the Trash window by selecting Empty Trash... from the Finder menu. If you want to overwrite the deleted data so it cannot be recovered even with a data recovery utility, you can select Secure Empty Trash...

    NOTE: If you wish to delete locked items that are stored in the Trash, hold the Option key while selecting Empty Trash.


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