• A narrow piece of timber which holds together large pieces; aslat; as, the sloats of a cart.

  • Dating as far back as 2007, The Yiddish word 'Sloat' is used to describe an individual who is drawlin hard, so they commit a bank robbery and get caught because they wrote the note to the teller demanding money on their own deposit slip, with their account information.

    1. A lethargic, slightly thicker, highly promiscuous, woman who also wears Uggs during summer with unfitted mini-skirts as a fashion statement. This individual could be be more sexually active if they were not stifled by their sheer laziness.

    2. A street in southwest San Francisco

  • A complete douche-bag of epic proportions, the complete pinnacle of douche-baggery.

  • A name meaning talented whore/slut which is used to playfully tease a friend, especially a slightly slutty friend, or someone who also knows what it means.