• A large mass of ice, generally floating in the ocean.

  • A person who has a skinny face and head--attractive even--but has a body like a blubbery Tiger Tank. Like a real iceberg, the majority of girth is often unseen (applies most relevantly to checking out people while driving).

  • A coil of poop large enough to protrude from the surface of the water in the toilet. Usually a direct result of volcanic colon, aka, fire of a thousand anuses.

  • a fat rock of cocaine

  • When you expel such a vast quantity of shit that it breaks the surface of the water in the toilet bowl.

  • (n): An iceberg is a large mound of poop high enough that the tip is peaking out of the water, thereby resembling an iceberg.

    alternatives: to iceberg, iceberged, iceberging

  • a line of cheap ass apparel that wannabe black white kids wear and think theyre cool. Wearin a fuckin snoopy t shirt, thats real stylin HA
    Stupid Goomba

  • When something is so [chill], so [fresh], so [crispy], it is iceberg. What's more [banger] than a giant fucking iceberg, doing its thing out in the ocean? What's more [frosty] than iceberg lettuce? It works on so many fucking levels.

  • A carefully crafted picture that only shows a person from the neck up in order to conceal their immense body. Like an iceberg most of their mass is dangerously lurking out of sight.

  • When fecal mass begins to rise out of the toilet water, whilst the majority of the body is submerged