• One who tills; a husbandman; a cultivator; a plowman.

  • Not a duck fucker, one who does not fuck ducks, nor do they even like to be in the presence of ducks.

    One super cool guy

  • to drink wine or alcohol out of a vagina.

  • the most baddass and best fucking kid in the whole world he has the biggest cock and can kill you by looking at you he is the sexiest and most dangerous guy on the planet if u ever get in a fight with him there is a 99.9% chance u will die

  • A herrassher that loves to eat and has a taking problem and can be funny. But they are a loyal friend that loves you and will stick to you when times are though and gives the biggest hugs!

  • n. Something used to steer a boat

    n. Someone who likes to fuck a goat

  • Tiller A.K.A bumming. a term used to take from another. Originating in North Carrollton,TX thanks to Matt Tiller. fucking bummer. still love your ass.

  • with The, as in The

  • The ruler of all good dragons and the only known enemy of Bohamet.

    Tiller's can often be found inside playing D and D with father until the late hours of the night.

    You can often spot a Tiller by the tucked in t-shirt with nice dress pants and sneakers. Combed hair and a goofy smile are also well known trademarks of a Tiller.

    Despite their [nerd] appearance, Tiller's are actually very violent creatures. People on welfare are recommended to avoid them at all costs are else fear being sent to the gas chambers! Never joke around with a Tiller at a close distance or else he will be forced to use his triple dragon strike, which no mortal has ever survived.

    A Tiller's diet consists of mainly number 2 pencils but they have often been spotted eating lined paper and pens.

  • its when 3 guys have raw hardcore sex with a girl , each one picks a different hole either the mouth, butt, or vagina and after they have chosen their preferred cock spot they start going at it at the same time