• The science of improving stock, whether human or animal. F.Galton.

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  • Eugenics is the self-direction of human evolution. It is the study of hereditary improvement of the human species by selective breeding. It is both a science and a social movement. The idea is to increase the number of children of those with favorable genes (such as intelligence, good health, positive personality traits, good looks, etc..) and limit the number of children of those who have unfavorable genes (such as poor health, lower IQ's, mental flaws such as anti-social personality disorder, and physical defects) thus improving humanity's lot.

    People often do not understand there is a different between positive eugenics and negitive eugenics. An example of negitive eugenics is forcible sterilization of people with mental or physical defects. An example of positive eugenics is encouraging those with good genes to have more children.

  • Eugenics

  • The applied science of improving the gene pool by selecting positive DNA; this is called positive eugenics, and by removing the negative DNA; this is called negative eugenics.

  • Eugenics

  • The simple idea that stupid people shouldn't breed.

    [Politically correct] people will defend the rights of those with Autism and Down Syndrome to have children, completely ignoring the fact that-

    a. People with low cognitive skills are unable to care for themselves, let alone another human being.

    b. The pain caused to these people when their children are taken away (for their own good).

    c. The high chances that the child itself will be disabled, and have just as hard a life as his/her parent(s).

    d. The high cost of medical care for someone who can contribute little or nothing to society.

    In other words, common sense.

    [Haters gonna hate]

  • Eugenics

  • The study of Eugene.


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