• Consisting of, or resembling, steam; full of steam; vaporous;misty. Cowper.

  • Steamy is most often used as an adjective to describe the appearance of an individual. It can be a substitute word for 'hot', 'sexy', etc.

    An individual who is steamy is often highly desirable, very good-looking/attractive, and normally has a great body. They also bring a 'steaminess' with them when they enter a room.

    Being called steamy is often better than any other compliment one could receive (ie. hot, sexy, attractive, cute) Steamy people are a very rare breed. Being called steamy is something to be very proud and flattered about.

  • to be, look, or feel hott or overall hottness

  • (noun) a love affair; sexual intercourse; a [lurid] affair. Comes from having sex in a car when the windows get steamy, though a steamy doesn't need to be in a car, it can be anywhere.

  • Something very dramatic or embarassing, can also be used to describe any random experience

  • To be evil, hot, vicious, and loving at the same time.

    Can be pronounced 'stemy', in comparison to the already accepted pronunciation 'steemy'.

  • can be used in ANY situation, be it bad or good.
    response to any kid of action.

  • adj; to be unpleasant or unenjoyable.

    antonyms; icy

  • Someone so tight they could steal the steam off your shit, bottle it, then sell it for profit.

  • an item you can make to smoke pot out of. it requires a socket and a waterbottle.