• One who, or that which, strips; specifically, a machine forstripping cards.

  • an occupation that involves taking (stripping) one's clothes off for the sexual stimulation of others. most strippers are female.

  • A girl that guys are dumb enough pay for a 5 minute dry hump. She swoons at his ridiculous pickup lines and laughs at his stupid jokes to make him think he's getting somewhere with her, so he continues to fork out the money in hopes of impressing her to the point that he'll get more than just a case of blue balls and an experience to jack off to before going to bed that night. But after giving her the last of his money, she tells him she'll be right back. After several minutes he realizes she isn't coming back, so he leaves the club disappointed and flat broke, and as he's leaving, he sees her grindin her ass into some other dumb bastard's lap.

  • A stupid bitch who got pregnant when she was a teenager by a losser and now gets naked for dollars to support her bastard child

  • Somebody (usually a woman) who uses provocative dance whilst dis-robing to extract money from sad, sex-starves letches.

  • A woman who seeks to relive her chaotic childhood experience by disrobing and rubbing her snatch on a brass pole in front of men that care for her like her father did.

  • The official occupation of a [single mother], or any struggling woman trying to make [ends] meet

    1. A person who takes off their clothes and dances around to make money.
    2. A peeler or ripper

  • Flashy, showy. An item or person who, superficially, appears better than they actually are.
    Deliberately trying to look good but lacking substance(unlike [spongey])
    In the case of people, usually accompanied by an arrogant or over-confident sense of self-absorbtion.

  • An individual; male or female, with the athletic prowess of a jungle cat and the tits (or balls) enough to take off their clothes and dance around butt naked in front of a crowd of people for tips. These people are adept in the art of flirting, fantasy creation and erotic dance. Not a profession for the weak willed or faint of heart, it is an art not understood by many and thus often disrespected.