• Of or pertaining to Norway, its inhabitants, or its language.

  • A person that that only eats fish and potatoes.

  • an adjective commonly used to replace the word lesbian as most Norwegian girls are lesbian/bisexual. It is believed that a genetic impulse in the brain causes female Norwegians to have sudden impulses to jump the girl right next to them.

  • An [African American] that does not know how to act in the snow. Examples include spinning tires when driving in the snow or failing to dress appropriately for the climactic conditions. African Americans suffering from [Snow Hysteria] are the perfect example of a [Norwegian].

  • Slang for [negro]. Regularly used to beat the censors on web boards where racially inflammatory language is not permitted, or in conversation with politically-correct types.

  • A large, brutish, stupid race of people with long hair. Listen to death metal and sail around in big sailing ships. Often wear horned helmets.

    Known for smashing things over their heads in a show of toughness.

  • Generally the Homeland for the largest amount of retards possible.

  • When the sky goes trippy.

  • Everyone thinks that a Norwegian person is blonde, have blue eyes and have very light skin. That's so not true..! I know, cuz I'm Norwegian, and I'm tired of people always asking me if I have collared my hear and if I'm using collared contacts. And we actually have very warm summers and its not always freezing, just so you know.

  • (n.)The all time coolest race in the entire world. They are good at anything, and everything.
    (adj.) Having a giganticly enormous penis.

  • Completely incredibly person who's mental capacities far beyond that of any other human. Especially a Swede.