• Any one of the acalephs, esp. one of the larger species, havinga jellylike appearance. See Medusa.

  • A man that gets emotionally and mentally dominated by a girl. He is left empty and pathetic, like the common jellyfish.

  • A term used by [Singaporeans] to describe someone who is a weakling—you are so mad at him that you want to slap him a few times for letting himself being bullied by assholes and bitches in the workplace.

  • wet cum. When semen gets in water such as in a hot tub it becomes hard and looks like a jellyfish.

  • A kind of [faux five] when you're going in to give someone a high five but quickly pull away, making your hand make jellyfish motions in the air while saying, JELLYFISH!
    To add to the affect, apologize, then go in for a hug.
    When they go in for the hug also, pull back and make the jellyfish motions with your arms while saying, JELLYFISH!

    Known to be annoying as hell.

  • A state of euphoria resembling a brainless underwater creature usually caused by drugs, music, alcohol, or some combination of all the above.

  • An adult male who has kept his hair long despite the fact the hair on top is now missing, creating the appearance of a gelatinous marine animal.

  • A free-swimming aquatic creature. It starts life as a larva, which attatches itself to a rock or other solid substance and develops into a polyp; eventually the polyp grows into the familiar bell-shaped organism.

    Most jellyfish have tentacles and a basic nervous system, though they lack more complicated organs, and they are allegedly composed of about 95% water. They usually catch their prey by brushing potential victims with their poison-spouting, long tentacles, which can be anywhere from inches to several feet long.

    Pl. jellyfish

    Slang: various sex acts.

  • An adjective used to describe anything at all. Seriously, anything. It adapts to any situation, leaving people curious as to the meaning. It is meaningless, which makes it oh so meaningful.

    (It's also a [gnarls barkley] sea creature that stings you and whatnot)

  • When a person puts a hand in for a high five, but just before the kill, the giver of the high five wriggles their hand away, and annoyingly shouts jellyfish!