• A bias on the part of judge, juror, or witness which interfereswith fairness of judgment.

  • The quality or condition of judging someone or a group of people before you meet them, usually using stereotypes.

  • Not liking a person or group without a good reason.
    Examples are racists, sexists, homophobes, ageists, etc...

  • It's what is tearing this world apart.

    The fact of unfairness; To hate someone for what they are

  • passing injust judgement on someone based on an insignificant factor

    some say hating prejudice people is prejudice in itself, but though hating someone because they opress and discriminate is not injust in any way

  • Deciding something before understanding it. Assuming that someone will steal because they are black is an example of prejudice.

    1. a term that when used implies that someone has mistakenly and usually hatefully expected something, usually negitive, from a certain other or group of others.
    2. Anytime you assume someone will help/hurt you based on all the knowledge availible, usually the knowledge doesn't tell the full story.

  • A biased opinion made on emotion or stereotypes rather than reason.

  • The condition of believing that one group, most often one the prejudor belongs to, is superior to another group. Most often applies in a negative manner, against those of different race, religion, creed, and nationality. see [stereotype], [anti-semetism], [racism].

  • the ability to hate someone for a stupid reason, even though you don't even know them.

  • An adjective describing idiots who think either think that certain groups are below them and horrible, or that anything different is bad. A lot of the time they are rich or middle class men. (Sometimes they aren't but usually not often)