• One who slays; a killer; a murderer; a destrroyer of life.

  • The masters of metal. The baddest riffs (warning: Wimps may damage their wrist trying to play their music), the fastest drumbeat, the meanest voice and the most EVIL lyrics...

  • Only the greatest fucking band ever made. The best drums, guitar, and vocals. It could be slow or fast, but either way it's fucking crazy. Listen to Reign In Blood or War Ensemble if you want to start a fucking riot.

  • 1]The heaviest, best metal band in the world.
    2]A band that REALY kicks ass

  • The darkest, heaviest, most brutal fucking thrash band to have ever struck the face of God's green earth with pure bruality. Capable of pounding out the most coolest, creepiest and most Satanic lyrics that don't actually oversaturate their image to a point of being laughable (see [Deicide]). Founded by Kerry King and Jeff Hanneman back in the early 80s, their influence upon the thrash movement is undisputed, with albums like Reign

  • A kick arse Thrash Metal band that blow whoever listens to it away, also made one of the greatest metal albums of all time.

    Members include:

    Tom Araya
    Jeff Hanneman
    Kerry King
    Dave Lombardo.

  • 1.Someone who slays.
    2.A Heavy metal band that [pwnes]
    3.A title you get in diablo 2 if u beat the game on normal difficulty

  • The answer to EVERYTHING.

  • A great thrash metal band, and contrary to popular belief, is NOT only loved by angry white kids/Satanists. They are not a Satanic band, and they are actually quite the performers, but most people can only hear loud raging noise the first time they hear it and thus judge Slayer to be a crappy band.

  • Adjective

    Used by marijuana smokers, esp. from the website 420chan, to mean awesome or of good quality