Hatchet man

    1. A person hired to murder or physically attack another; a hitman.

  • Another term for a hired killer, just like [hitman]. Not really a common term anymore

  • the person whose job it is to fire or lay off fellow employees in a company. It is usually a human resources employee, doing the dirty work for the owner or president of the company. They break the news to you, get the appropriate papers signed, make sure you clean out your workspace (not taking off with any company property), and see you off the premises.

    While a company hatchet man may have some input as whether or not you get the sack, they do not make the final decision. They are acting on the boss behalf, and such responsibilities are covered by their salary. Therefore they are like a workplace hitman, getting paid to finish people off for the higher ups.

  • The name of the logo that Juggalos use. This is ironic sense they will always threaten you with a hatchet and yet the picture they use of hatchet man is actually a guy running with a meat cleaver.

  • logo of phychopathic records. kinda like the logo for the dark carnival.

  • A symbol for psychopathic records and is recognized as the symbol of juggalos. Can also stand as a religius symbol for the belief in the Dark Carnival.

  • the most awsome symbol in the whole world wicked clowns for life phycopathic till the day i die muhfockuu


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