• To break into small pieces; to cause to fall in pieces.He with his bare wand can unthread thy joints, And crumble all thysinews. Milton.

  • Verb - to crumble.
    The disappointing act of giving up on one's intentions, usually at the very last minute. This usually involves peer pressure or just a total lack of backbone.

    Adjective - to describe a person who is likely to crumble often. e.g. 'That guy is a right crumble'.

    Sometimes this adjective becomes a nickname as such, but this is only ever used when someone is a notorious crumble.

  • When something is messed up, not right, jacked up, not cool or not fair its a crumble. It can replace any of those sayings.

  • When having sex for the first time in a while (usually because you are a loser) and the debris in your pubes crumble and fall off/out of your pubes. Debris such as dandruff, dust, mold, dirst, and in some cases dried cum from uncontrolled masturbation events.


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