• A neglect of, or failure to take, some step necessary to securethe benefit of law, as a failure to appear in court at a dayassigned, especially of the defendant in a suit when called to makeanswer; also of jurors, witnesses, etc. In default of, in case offailure or lack of.Cooks could make artificial birds and fishes in default of the realones. Arbuthnot.-- To suffer a default (Law), to permit an action to be calledwithout appearing to answer.

  • The first picture in myspace that you see from another user among their display name

  • Option that is chosen automatically for user, out of the box.

  • a picture that is or should be made into a profile picture on social networking websites.

  • a person who is replaced as your fake crush, so no one knows your actual crush

  • That which occurs when one does not make a choice. [N00b]s usually think it's supposed to be that way because no one bothered to tell them they had a choice.

  • Someone who has removed all hair/piercings/makeup from their face bringing it to a blank neutral state.

  • default (1, Noun)
    default (2, Adjective)

    1. Given to reverting to an easier or more comfortable, less risky option when confronted with a choice.

    2. Displaying behavioural traits that could be described as being 'default'.

  • That moment when you realize you just took a potential default picture for your facebook account.

  • A word used to describe the main picture a person is using to identify themselves from others on a [social network], like [facebook] or [MySpace].

  • The two sweetest words in the english language.