• A bladder growing on the root of the tongue of a horse, againstthe windpipe, and stopping the breath.

  • To outstandingly destroy or defeat an opponent or obstacle, especially when the odds are against the one blaining. Term was originally thought up by Dan and Tom, better known in the Halo community as the Ogres. The word Blain itself comes from the last name of the famous magician David Blain, who has on many occasions Blained the laws of physics and the limits of human anatomy. So to Blain is to perform a crushing victory in a situation in which defeat is almost certain.

  • A man of high quality in MANY different facets of life. The person posses many traits that resemble that of a heavenly figure. All characteristics possessed by a Blain can be either desirable or not.

  • A mix between the words Bland and Plain

  • English, adjective: to eat gluttonously

  • bloody rain

    1. v. to get owned.

    Showin the blain

    1. phrase. someone who is blainin is simply showin the blain

    Important Housekeeping

    1. The word blain cannot be overused if the person saying the it is drunk or high.
    2. The word is especially acceptable and encouraged to be used when the person getting owned is drunk or high or the person using the word is drunk or high.
    3. The blain voice is highly encouraged

  • A [funny person] to be around, always telling jokes and his number one goal is to make people happy. Always a good friend and a [peace] maker. They are also very [kind] to any one, and if ever come across a Blain try to be hs friend because he will become your best friend.


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