• An element of the chromium group, found in certain rareminerals, as pitchblende, uranite, etc., and reduced as a heavy,hard, nickel-white metal which is quite permanent. Its yellow oxideis used to impart to glass a delicate greenish-yellow tint which isaccompanied by a strong fluorescence, and its black oxide is used asa pigment in porcelain painting. Symbol U. Atomic weight 239.

  • It's a radioactive element you dumbass.

  • It’s this thing called nuclear weapons.

  • Uranium is element number 92 on the Periodic table.
    The best soft of Uranium you can use for making bombs is Uranium 235 (This means that is only has 235 nucleons)

  • A show on Fuse where Juliya, the host, interviews bands badly.

  • gay ass show that plays gay ass metal

    the gayest thing since rap and emo and nu metal and lip-synching and boy/girl bands

  • On this show they go and have these amateur interviews of a bunch of metal bands. The host is this total bomb-shell rocker-goth-chick, named Juliya.


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