• A member of the conservative party, as opposed to theprogressive party which was formerly called the Whig, and is nowcalled the Liberal, party; an earnest supporter of exsisting royaland ecclesiastical authority.

  • (noun) Chiefly British. Term for individual with conservative ideals and/or membership of the Conservative political party. Typically a member of the privileged √©lite, typified in Parliament by old-Etonians groomed for Oxbridge and further successes in their well-fed, cosseted, self-indulgent lives. Tories (plural) tend to go through life blissfully unaware of the realities most people face. Underneath all the rhetoric policies are aimed at further creation of wealth amongst the affluent and disdain for classes considered 'below' themselves.

  • The word used to describe a member or supporter of the Conservative Party. Along the same line as [toff] as it really is used as a derogatory way to insult rich or stuck-up people who care for nothing other themselves and their tendencies to shoot wild animals