• One who stays away from business or any duty; especially, onewho stays out of school without leave; an idler; a loiterer; a shirk.Dryden.I have a truant been to chivalry. Shak.To play truant, to stray away; to loiter; especially, to stay out ofschool without leave. Sir T. Browne

  • Noun (1): Someone who shirks school or work in pursuit of self-chosen desires.
    Noun (2): The pseudonym for quite possibly the most antisocial outcast this planet has seen.
    Verb: To shirk school or work in pursuit of self-chosen desires/activities.

  • Used mostly in schools.

    Intentionally absent without a legitimate excuse.
    Basically, Ditching class.

    1. a student who stays away from school without permission.
    2. a person who shirks or neglects his or her duty.

  • Noun: A student who skips school without a good explanation. (E.g. Not sick)

    Person 1: Why didn't you come to school yesterday?
    Person 2: Because I didn't feel like it. xD
    Person 1: Fuck You. Bish --
    Person 2: ^

  • Comes from the latin: Konarus Caffeinatus Erectus


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