• A locomotive engine; a self-propelling wheel carriage,especially one which bears a steam boiler and one or more steamengines which communicate motion to the wheels and thus propel thecarriage, -- used to convey goods or passengers, or to draw wagons,railroad cars, etc. See Illustration in Appendix. Consolidationlocomotive, a locomotive having four pairs of connected drivers.-- Locomotive car, a locomotive and a car combined in one vehicle; adummy engine. [U.S.] -- Locomotive engine. Same as Locomotive, above.-- Mogul locomotive. See Mogul.

  • fifties term for a cheer

  • A sexual act much like the beloved [Tugboat]. In this version, you are required to pull your partner's penis straight forward while leading them around the room and blowing cigarette smoke circles in the air. Exclaiming Choo-Choo loudly and dressing as a train conductor are both optional.

  • A person of significant ability to lead and make progress; intrinsic motivation and performance that creates unquestionable succes.

  • Loco comes from the spanish word Insane; crazy or whom's mental abilities are questioned.

    Thus, Locomotive means the true motives on which that deranged person is acting the way he/she is.

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