• Relapsing polychondritis is a rare autoimmune rheumatic disorder characterized by episodes of painful, destructive inflammation of the cartilage and other connective tissues in many organs.

    The ears or nose may become inflamed and tender.
    Other cartilage in the body can be damaged, leading to various symptoms, such as red or painful eyes, hoarseness, cough, difficulty breathing, rashes, and pain around the breastbone.
    Blood and laboratory tests, imaging, and removal of a piece of tissue for examination and testing may be done, and established criteria may be used for diagnosis.
    If symptoms or complications are moderate or severe, corticosteroids and immunosuppressants usually help.

    This disorder affects men and women equally, usually in middle age. The cause of relapsing polychondritis is unknown, but autoimmune reactions to cartilage are suspected.

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