• Corns are hard cone-shaped bumps of skin commonly found on the top surface of the smaller toes, particularly over a joint. Calluses are broader, flat thickenings of the skin usually located on the palms or soles.

    Corns may be painful or tender, but calluses do not usually cause symptoms.
    Diagnosis is based on the appearance and location of the corn or callus.
    Removing the corn or callus, applying skin softening agents (keratolytics) to the area, and regularly receiving care from a podiatrist can help.

    (See also Overview of Foot Problems.)
    Corns and calluses are usually caused by friction and pressure, particularly in people who wear tight or ill-fitting shoes.
    Corns caused by hammer toe and other toe deformities often develop on the tops of or at the tips of the toes, but corns most often develop on the tops of the toes over joints. These corns are hard. Corns that develop between the toes are soft. Corns may be pea-sized or slightly larger.
    Calluses often develop on the ball of the foot because of faulty foot positioning and poor weight distribution. Calluses also develop on the sides of the feet in areas where pressure is increased.

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