• To pour water on; to soak in, or mix with, water. [Obs. orProv. Eng.] Grose.My fowls, which well enough, I, as before, found feeding at theirtrough Their yoted wheat. Chapman.

  • Yote is an abbreviation for Coyote. A small, North American canine. Concidered a pest by many, they help keep down rat populations. As well as cat populations ^_~

  • A female, adept in the art of provoking the male species into catching

  • Yote (yōt)
    Derived from the Arabic term Yōetjh

    v. (-ing, -ed, -s)

    1. to be in agreement with.
    2. a solemn greeting or acknowledgment.

    n. (-ies)

    1. son or daughter
    2. friend(s)
    3. enemy (ies)
    4. parent (ex. - father y·ote)


    1. used to express sudden pain and displeasure or the current state of ones well being.
    2. also used to express joy and enthusiasm.


    1. arousing or tending to arouse sexual desire or interest.
    2. slang. highly appealing or interesting; attractive

    v. (-ing, -ed, -s)

    1. to pour water on; to soak in, or mix with, water.

  • To Decline, Deny, Turn-down, Refuse, Reject


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