• A very large marine mammal (Trichecus rosmarus) of the Sealfamily, native of the Arctic Ocean. The male has long and powerfultusks descending from the upper jaw. It uses these in procuring foodand in fighting. It is hunted for its oil, ivory, and skin. It feedslargely on mollusks. Called also morse.

  • When having sex with a girl, you cum in her mouth, then procede to punch her in the stomach while the load is in her mouth - causing the semen to come out her nose while she groans. creating two tusks and a sound like a walrus

  • the magical act of sucking two penises at a time, giving the image of a walruses tusks

  • to mix an alcoholic drink with juice; one cup of alcohol with a straw, and another cup of juice with a straw. Drink from both straws at the same time, and you'll look like a walrus, hence the name of the drank.

  • You just got on the bus after a dangle sesh on the lacrosse field. The score was 17-1, you won of course. You copped two in the net and are sweating like Dillon Francis after popping mollies. You drop your shorts and remove your compressions, cause its just to tight down there. Your sitting in your boxers, airing the stink, and without even knowing it, your pulling a nasty walrus. Both of your semen machines are hanging out of your cradle on either side. from a distance, it looks like you have two walrus tusks dangling from your lady pleaser. Although rather homosexual when schemed with the boys, the women love it in the bedroom.

    P.S. Very effective gino celebration if you want to get kicked off the team.

    1. A large mammal with the second largest penis in the world. Spends most of its time in the ocean or sunning itself

    2. Human known to wake up making incoherent sounds mixed with scratching of chest hair to atract potential mates

  • The flacid nipple of a woman's breast.

  • The awkward unnamed part of the face above the lip and below the nose that extends downward, in a way that a walrus mustache would.

  • To put two dildos in one's mouth and penetrate someone's anus.

  • On november 9th, 1969, Paul McCartney of The Beatles supposedly died in a car crash, resulting in a long train of supposed clues in songs and on album covers after that. Examples of such clues would be what the Beatles are wearing on the cover of Abbey Road, Paul wearing a Walrus suit on the cover of Magical Mystery Tour, and the song I Am the Walrus. The term Walrus at the time meant someone who was dead, so this implied that Paul was indeed dead. Then on the White Album on the song [Glass Onion] (a coffin with a glass top) John Lennon sings Well heres another clue for you all: The Walrus was Paul, meaning that Paul was supposedly dead. Of course, hes still alive and well. This was all just a hoax.