• Any one of numerous species of cestode worms belonging to Tæniaand many allied genera. The body is long, flat, and composed ofnumerous segments or proglottids varying in shape, those toward theend of the body being much larger and longer than the anterior ones,and containing the fully developed sexual organs. The head is small,destitute of a mouth, but furnished with two or more suckers (whichvary greatly in shape in different genera), and sometimes, also, withhooks for adhesion to the walls of the intestines of the animals inwhich they are parasitic. The larvæ (see Cysticercus) live in theflesh of various creatures, and when swallowed by another animal ofthe right species develop into the mature tapeworm in its intestine.See Illustration in Appendix.

    1. A parasite that enters the human digestive system and grows and thrives off what the human host consumes, causing severe weight loss or other digestive problems. See [parasitism]

  • That really fucked up poop that it is long, thin, and curvy. It looks like a damn tapeworm.

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