• Once more; again; -- used by the auditors and spectators ofplays, concerts, and other entertainments, to call for a repetitionof a particular part.

    1. additional performance due to an audience's demand.

    2. 'again' or 'repeat'.

    3. eminem's new album.

    4. our school's album!

  • To give additional performance.

  • Pronounced ON-CORE

    To ask someone to do something for a second time.

  • The act of arranging another [fuck session] after an [NSA] [one night stand].

    1. If both parties had fun, an [encore] is good and will get you a [piece of ass] again.

    2. If you were awesome while she was terrible and you think she may start to [catch feelings] for you when you bump into her randomly later on, you have no choice but to evacuate immediately.

  • What happens when you flush the toilet and the turd disappears for a second and then pops back up.

  • What you call a really, really bad case of the clap.

  • When someone breaks up then goes back one night to give the fan a little more.

    Basically its an, Ex-relationship bootycall.

  • This is best performed when you are an audience member of a concert or play.

    In your seat, you shit your pants, scoop it up, throw it toward the stage and shout encore! If they do not give an encore, repeat until removed from the theatre.