• A celebrated Greek epic poem, in twenty-four books, on thedestruction of Ilium, the ancient Troy. The Iliad is ascribed toHomer.

  • Everyone's definition of Iliad here on UD is Whack (cept for maybe munkee's). First of all, a [poem] doesn't have to rhyme (dumbass).

    The word Iliad roughly translates to Troy.
    The epic poem Iliad was supposedly written by a man named Homer, who may or may not have existed.

  • Greek epic poem by Homer; widely considered the first work in Western literature. Tells the story of a small period of time during the Trojan War, focusing mainly on the character Achilles.

    The original Greek version was spoken in rhythm to a lyre by a traveling musician-writer known as a rhapsode, not unlike a modern rapper. In fact, the term rapper comes from the word rhapsode.

    There are many English translations, many of which are in the form of prose rather than poetry.

    It is a very slow-moving story, regardless of translation, mostly because half of it is spent shouting out the names of hundreds of different Greeks and Trojans who died during the war, due to the fact that it would have been recited for Greek aristocrats who believed they had ancestry from that period.

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