• To turn about a fixed point, usually the center or axis, as aspar or piece of timber; to turn; -- used also of any heavy body.

  • Mysterious term that came into inconsistent spoken usage and started appearing as graffiti (toilet walls, arenas, game arcades, etc.) in Atlantic Canada--particularly central Newfoundland--sometime in the mid to late 1970s, and had virtually disappeared by the mid 1980s.

    Its meaning is not precisely clear; it may have referred to a morally loose female (as it does in other contexts), but there is also evidence of a more esoteric or person-specific meaning. It was nearly always spelled in capital letters, suggesting an anagram or, more likely, an acronym for some presently unknown term or phrase. The word was particularly associated with young fans of the more aggressive and/or occult genres of rock music, and there is reason to believe that it originated in the (former) military and airport town of Gander, Newfoundland--a community strongly associated with devout rock fans in the late 1970s/early '80s.

  • A DJ from Gander Newfoundland.

    Slue can commonly be seen getting belligerent with the by's (havin a time) at local bars.

    Slue has been a DJ at many clubs around Newfoundland, and has sponsored many acts to come to Atlantic Canada.

    Slue is also the webmaster of

  • Saying goodbye.

    A farewell.

  • another word for the vulgar word Slut, however is used with people who are not worth adding the T sound to the end. This word is used for people who arent worth your time.

    can also mean a slut having flue.

  • A combination of a slut and a hoe, instead of saying shes such a slut and a hoe" you say "Shes

  • a slutty girl, usually used with dirty