• Any thick lump, mass, or cake; especially, a large regularlyshaped or molded mass, as of bread, sugar, or cake. Bacon. Loafsugar, refined sugar that has been formed into a conical loaf in amold.

  • when a fat cat sits laying on it's stomach with it's paws tucked under them-they look like a loaf of bread

    a lazy person who sits around all day on their couch

  • Short for Loaf

  • A turd.(Esp. an elongated turd with a tapered end)

  • Someone who knowingly takes too long to do something.

  • This is another word for chill, or relax. The most awesome fucking synonym for those words you will ever hear. It will make you wanna LOAF.

  • Ghetto way of saying failing/failure or being

  • A silly person who is often really happy all the time for no apparent reason. They are also weird and do weird stuff.

  • Large Overly-Aggressive Female.
    Women who tend to be on the hefty side who intimidate those around them. Usually when they are a tad intoxicated and trying to make sexual advances. Can also be used in the context of scary, large women seen in everyday life.

  • Verb: To Loaf-- Colloquial form of language expressing the observation of someone else’s or one’s own flatulence and or incontinence. The release of gaseous fecal odors.

    Noun: Loaf-- Gaseous Fecal Odor

    Adjective: Loafy-- Smelling like gaseous fecal odor

    Position of entitlement: Dr. Loafenstein, The Loafman

  • So this can either be your standard loaf of bread, whole wheat and healthy or white alike.

    This can ALSO be to sit around and waste time and procrastinate on a couch. Y'know? 🙂


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