• The act of playing at or rolling bowls, or of rolling the ballat cricket; the game of bowls or of tenpins. Bowling alley, a coveredplace for playing at bowls or tenpins.-- Bowling green, a level piece of greensward or smooth ground forbowling, as the small park in lower Broadway, New York, where theDutch of New Amsterdam played this game.

  • 1.Actual bowling, with 10 pins and 1 ball.

    1. Masturbating, with 2 balls and 1 pin.

  • Simply a codeword for smoking Cannabis to be used around non-users

    1. Noun; The sport in which you throw a bowling ball at pins.
    2. Verb; usually means to smoke weed (hints the word bowling)

  • When engaging in sexual intercourse, in the doggy style position, place your middle finger and ring finger in the females anal sphincter and your thumb in her vagina and grip vigorously like it's a bowling ball while you pump and thrust.

  • Same rules as bowling except instead of knocking down pins each player must cash a bowl.
    Strike = One hit to cash the bowl
    Spare = Two hits to cash the bowl
    Gutter Ball = A person Volcano's or drops the pins (danks)

  • When a female rubs her breast against another females vagina in an up and down motion which can lead to orgasm.

  • Filling all three of a woman's holes during the act of sexual intercourse, as if she was a bowling ball. This can be done by three men, or by one man using the penis and hands (a modified [shocker]) or by one man taking turns at each hole.

  • throwing an oversized, [extremely] heavy, painted coconut at pins